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Yantai Huitong Beneficiation Reagent Co., Ltd. is a professional company that provides beneficiation reagents and technical service for mining enterprises. Located in Zhaoyuan, it enjoys convenient railway, highway and waterway transportation. Except of high-quality conventional products, including, black powder series, sulfur-nitrogen series, foaming agent series and regulators series, we can also provide exclusive used reagents for golden, silver, copper, lead, zinc and sulfur, and high-efficient reagents used for refractory ores.

There is beneficiation laboratory in our company. We can provide customized beneficiation experiment in order to realize best manufacturing technique. Relying on powerful technological advantages, our company is engaged in research of high arsenic, high sulfur, high carbon, high oxidizing, poor, and refractory ores Beneficiation. And we have successfully developed a series of beneficiation reagents with high selectivity and collecting capacity.

Our company will create healthy and environmental friendly industry based on implementation of brand strategy and talent strategy. 

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