Yantai Huitong Beneficiation Reagent Co., Ltd.
Add: No. 588-6, Wenquan Road, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, China
Tel: +86-535-8062968 Fax: +86-535-8062968
Contact: Manager Lan +8615269591736
E-mail: lxt3396@163.com
Yantai Huitong Beneficiation Reagent Co., Ltd. is a professional company that provides beneficiation reagents and technical service for mining enterprises. Located in Zhaoyuan, it enjoys convenient railway, highway and waterway transportation. Except of high-quality conventional products, including, black powder series, sulfur-nitrogen series, foaming agent series and regulators series, we can also provide exclusive used reagents for golden, silver, copper, lead, zinc and sulfur, and high-efficient reagents used for refractory ores.
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