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2#Flotation oil

Chemical composition: 2 flotation oil for all kinds of surface active substance in the one yuan
Properties: reed mainly red oily liquid
Purpose: do concentration of foaming agent, the trial on flotation gold, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, antimony, nickel, silver and other non-ferrous metal sulfide ore and oxidized ore and apatite, graphite, talc and other non-metallic mineral as foaming agent.
Grade project masterwork ordinary product premium level secondary super level grades
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow oily liquid, no yellow to brown oily liquid, solid impurities without solid impurity concentration active ingredients, % is not less than one yuan of alcohol content, moisture % is not less than 907565544951444839, no more than % 0.50.7 density (20 ℃), g/mLi not less than 0.9100.890
Packing: packed in iron drum, net weight 170 kg.
Storage: waterproof, prevent insolate, fire prevention

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