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New #2 Oil Frother

Designation: Q1-02

Main Ingredients: Normal and isomeric monohydric alcohol and dibastic alcohol of C8-C12

Shape and properties: light yellow-green or brownish red viscous translucent liquid.
Applications: It can replace terpineol as flotation agent and frother of nonferrous and rare metals. It has stable performance, strong foaming capacity, rapid flotation speed, strong adaptability to the ores and rich foam. Besides, it is easy for operation, free from pungent odor, nontoxic and beneficial to environment improvement and pollution reduction. 
Item Index
Density ρ20,g/cm3 0.860~0.950
Boiling range (1.01*105pa, 120-310?)≥, ml 95
Hydroxyl value mgKOH/g 300~500
Packaging: Packed in iron drums, net weight 170kg/drum
Storage: Keep away from fire, water and solarization.

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