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Ethionine Ester

Designation: Z-200

Molecular Formula: (CH3)2CHOC(S) NHC2H5
Molecular Weight: 147.25
Grade: Industrial Product
Shape and Properties: light yellow oily liquid, slightly pungent
Specific gravity: D=0.990-0.994
Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ethyl ether, benzene and petroleum ether.
Viscosity: (20?): 5.56cps
Applications: Excellent collecting agent for nonferrous metal sulfide minerals. Excellent selection performance and special separation effect for molybdenum sulfide, lead sulfide, zinc sulfide, copper sulfide, etc.
Packaging: Packed in 200l plastic drums, net weight 200kg/drum
Ethionine ester content%
Isopropanol content %

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